Jordahl 2016_Katrin_Michael_Christian

Homework KW23

Please read the text „Nobody does it better“ on page 48 of the attachment. Answer questions 1 and 2. If you want a little extra practise, you could also answer question 3 (also looking at page 49):

in company intermediate unit 8

Homework KW19

Please read the article and answer the questions for the next class:

Yamaha wants to bring self-driving to motorbikes

Homework KW16

Vienna named world’s top city for quality of life:


Homework KW14

Please do exercise 1 page 69 before the next class:

in company intermediate unit 12

Homework KW11

For Katrin:

Market Leader INT unit 5 ADVERTISING pages 46 47 and answers

Homework KW10

Please read the text: Failure is glorious (pag. 129) and answer the questions 1 and 2 on Mastering design (pag. 128)

Intelligent Business Pages 128 129