Plista Tuesday group

Homework for KW19 and KW20

Please revise for the test, which Andreas will give in class on Tuesday 17th May. These are the areas which will come up on the test:

Grammar and vocabulary from the first 5 classes
Money vocabulary from KW16
Vocabulary from the Dragon’s Den activity
Vocabulary from the FT article in KW16

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Homework for KW18

Please read page 36 and do the exercises on page 40:

In Company Upper Int – Telephone Complaints

Homework for KW17

Market Leader Upper Intermediate pp 85 86 105

Homework for KW16


Homework for KW15

Please do this revision test before the next class: Test. Thanks a lot

Homework for KW14



Homework for KW12

Email English complete page 8:

email English unit 1

Relocations to rough-edged challenger cities.

As emerging market countries develop and expand their economies, many overseas investor companies are looking outside the large cities to smaller cities where costs may be lower. This has led to the rise of so-called challenger cities. One example is Pune in India, which has a population of 5,5 million. But compared to large cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore, Pune does not have the same amenities that make life more comfortable for expatriates from western countries. But the challenger cities are catching up fast:


Homework for KW11

GroupM goes around the IAB to forge 9 separate publisher agreements on viewability

Business Grammar No Problem Unit 3

Homework for KW10

Worksheet WPP Finishes 2015 as Most Prolific Acquirer in Media, Marketing Industry

In Company_Upper Intermediate_Pages 12 and 13_Tense Review

This is extra homework: