Training and Coaching for companies

Do you want your teams to be fully confident and comfortable when they speak English?

Has one of your employees taken on a leadership role with an important client project in English?

Do you want your teams to be confident and relaxed when speaking English?

Do your employees want to excel in professional English or business English?

Do they need a quick fix intensive English course or “kurzfristig Englisch Kurs”?

Or would a longer term “langfristig englisch sprachkurs” work better for them?

Are your employees ready to compete in the English-speaking international business world of 2023?

If your answers are yes, we can help you transform your teams from shy and uncomfortable speakers into confident, comfortable communicators that make your business, products and services shine.

Why us?
Because we are 2023 ready. In the past it was enough to improve the business English language skills of your employees. But not any more. It’s not enough to survive in English, you have to thrive. Our approach combines Business English Training with Business English Coaching. We help you improve the language, communication and intercultural skills of your teams. We are a highly experienced and qualified team of native English-speaking trainers and coaches who offer individual courses tailored to the individual needs of your company. We offer flexible and innovative training and coaching solutions to help your teams develop their full potential in English.

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Legal English and business English intensive course:

Do you need to improve your legal English immediately? 

Are you hoping to write better legal texts? 

Do you want to advance your career by improving your legal English language and communication skills? 

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then our Business English and Legal English Intensive course is for you. Our courses are highly tailored to your individual needs. They are created by our legal English expert, a trained lawyer and highly experienced business English trainer and coach.
If you’re a lawyer or legal professional looking to enhance your language abilities (speaking and writing), our intensive course is for you. You will :

Feel more confident in English speaking legal contexts

Impress your clients with your legal English vocabulary

Understand legal jargon and contracts more quickly

Present and negotiatie more skillfully

Learn to write legal documents more accurately

Benefit from tailored and professional feedback