Jan Bayer_Intranet

Hi Jan,

Here is the Intranet we can use if you would like to go ahead with the business English weekly intensive course.

All of the materials will be personalised to fit what you need and would like to do.

You asked for a list of vocabularies for business meetings and presentations. I’ve scanned some pages from „Business Vocabulary Builder“. There are lists of phrases you need and also practice exercises to help you remember them.

Business Vocabulary Builder_Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate_Units 51 to 56_Presentations

Business Vocabulary Builder_Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate_Units 57 to 64_Meetings

If you find the material useful, you might want to purchase the book:

Business Vocabulary Builder

If you’d prefer to look at some vocabulary lists and do some exercises online, you can look at the links below:

Meetings vocabulary

After looking at the list, you can practise here:

Meetings vocabulary quiz

There are also various pages here with language you need for different parts of a meeting:

Preparing a meeting

Opening a meeting

Following the agenda

Closing a meeting

And to test all of the above, you can do that here:

Meetings skills test

Here is some vocabulary for different parts of a presentation with exercises at the end of each to practise:

Starting a presentation

Describing data

Expressing opinion and referring

Summarising in a presentation

Dealing with questions