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„The lessons are always very much tailored to the needs of the specific team. We work with two different teachers, each of whom is optimally suited to the abilities of our employees. The language offer is very well received, which is also due to the extremely likeable manner of the teachers.“

„Thanks to NCBE and especially our teacher Adam Flint we are better prepared for business meetings and presentations. This does not mean that we speak and write perfectly, but we find it easier to communicate in English and the inhibitions are much lower. Adam has been addressing our business-specific topics such as branding and design for 3 years now and it’s fun too. Adam, we love you.“

“Since 2012, we’ve had English lessons once a week with Andreas. Business English is important for us because we have international colleagues and clients. The topics and skills that we cover in the course are what we need for our work. We also speak about current news topics and topics that are of interest to us personally. Neil is flexible about lesson times and, when our regular teacher is on holiday, he is flexible in offering a replacement teacher or homework. We really enjoy our lessons and are looking forward to continuing together in the future.“

„In 2019 some of our managers did weekly sessions and a series of workshops with Francis and Neil. The aim was to feel more confident and comfortable communicating in English in professional situations. We explored everything from storytelling, preparing & delivering, dynamic and clear presentations that engage your audience to defining your WHY or hedgehog concept. We also looked at inter cultural dynamics and body language. Leadership and interpersonal growth topics were combined with a continual language focus to improve pronunciation and intonation, reduce mistakes and increase the range of active vocabulary.“

„A small, diverse team of our company providing data protection services attended a course at NCBE. Our goal was to improve our speaking skills and build self-confidence in speaking English, especially during presentations within our employee training courses. Achieving this, we needed help in specific data protection vocabulary, techniques to better explain data protection principles in English and especially techniques to answer spontaneous questions during our courses. Neil provided this help being an extremely patient, humorous and well-prepared teacher with the ability to adapt to our diverse group and our specific subject. We really enjoyed the course and now feel prepared to do our employee training courses in English!“

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