Why am I working again on a Saturday? I planned for this not to happen. So why is it happening again?

One reason could be your Immunity to Change, a concept based on the work of Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahay. They describe it as having one foot on the gas pedal (your goal) and  one foot on the brake pedal (what gets in the way of the goal). The brake pedal is your immune system ‘protecting’ you from undesirable outcomes that you’re afraid of. Kegan and Lahey talk about “big assumptions” that make you press harder on the brake pedal. Such an assumption could be:

Let's change

“If I don’t work extra hard, I’m going to lose my job/ clients/ this project.” (Resulting in your working again on a Saturday.) 

If you’re interested in overcoming your Immunity to Change and need support, get in touch and find out more about coaching and how it can change your mindset; leaving you free to enjoy your life outside of work.  

Photo courtesy of Brad Starkey/ Unsplash