What does your audience want? I mean, what do they really want?

What audiences want

Berlin audiences can be analytical, cool and hard to seduce. On this particular evening, an earnest looking host introduces the first speaker. He begins: 

“It’s Friday evening. I’m supposed to talk about A.I and Blockchain.You probably know more about that than I do. So I’m not going to talk about that. Instead, I’m going to tell you about bad investments.”

The host looks horrified, but the audience erupts into laughter. 

What follows are 3 well chosen, personal stories. The storytelling seems spontaneous but is well structured and rehearsed. He’s told these stories before, but not to this audience. Because after a long week, this audience was craving excitement. He tuned into what they really wanted.

By all means, prepare your talks with facts and figures. Add  arguments and opinions. But include a story or two and read the room. Tailor your story and presentation to the audience in front of you. They’ll thank you with their attention. 

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Photo courtesy M ACCELERATOR of https://unsplash.com/@m_accelerator