When it comes to using business English at work: what exactly are you afraid of?

Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash In my experience, the most successful learners  identify their fears, face those fears and learn to overcome them or to manage them. So what are your fears when it comes to working in English? What language, emotional or psychological barriers are holding you back? What typical mistakes do you want to correct? What […]

How to speak confident, business English and become a role model for your team

Your confidence in speaking English will impact the way your team speaks English and the type of opportunities they pursue. A manager who lacks confidence in their English language skills can have a negative impact on the team’s level of and willingness to speak English. If team members sense the manager’s insecurity, they may hesitate […]

Problems leading an international team? Learn why a multi-layered approach is crucial to the success of an English-speaking team

Time and again I see the same problem: an experienced German-speaking manager has difficulty leading her English-speaking international team effectively. With a German-speaking team she always achieved excellent results. But these results do not carry over into English. She asks for help with her business English. A teacher in his twenties or thirties is assigned […]