Do you feel blocked when trying to speak English freely and without thinking too much about it?

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash The best way to deal with this is to face it. Make it a priority and get support from an experienced business English coach and trainer. They can help you accept the feeling of discomfort, and then work your way out of it. The trick is to find the balance […]

Does your company or team speak international business English? 

How an intermediate level of business English can work to your advantage! Here’s something I hear all the time: “I feel confident in business English conversations with people who have my level of English, but I feel nervous when I speak to native English speakers.”  If your clients or target clients speak a kind of […]

How to speak confident, business English and become a role model for your team

Your confidence in speaking English will impact the way your team speaks English and the type of opportunities they pursue. A manager who lacks confidence in their English language skills can have a negative impact on the team’s level of and willingness to speak English. If team members sense the manager’s insecurity, they may hesitate […]